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FactSet Research Systems, Inc.  //  New York, New York

Deals Application


Data Analysis



This project was to create an interface for the Deals application within FactSet’s workstation. Its main purpose is to show the deals and acquisitions of companies through data visualizations of the price history within the life of the deal. An overview of information displays at the top of the page for a quick understanding of how the deal played out in regards to the prices it took to complete the deal.


A further detailed view of the data is displayed through a chart combining all pricing data (target price, acquirer price, arbitrage spread, premium, announcement date) from the time the deal was announced until it was completed or until the most recent date available.

Asset 1_4x.png


Data Analysis

Given data from the product manager, it was a combined effort between design and the PM to understand the data and analyze how to it relates to one another.


The goal of this was to create an interface that showed visualizations of the data in order to create a story or trend over time in an easy-to-digest data organization, showing relationships and the change in data over time.


Paper & Pencil Wireframes

After analyzing the data, I took to pencil and paper to draw out some lo-fi wireframes to flesh out some interaction details, visuals, and the interface’s overall layout.

Asset 5_4x.png
Asset 4_4x.png
Asset 6_4x.png
Asset 3_4x.png


Hi-Fi Wireframes

Once most of the interactions were nailed down, I took the paper wireframes to hi-fi wireframes created in Axure.  


This features a spotlight overview section - infographic styles, a chart section to show trends, and a side panel for a more detailed view in a collapsed state

Asset 8_4x.png
Asset 7_4x.png
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